Mystic staxx


Mystic Staxx is an addictive and enjoyable blackjack video slot game based on the mystical properties of the five traditional elements – earth, wind, fire, water and metal. Players must use specific symbols to form cords between the rows of icons on the playfield – each icon representing one of the five elements. Although this may appear straightforward on the surface, the mechanics of playing Mystic Staxx is far more complicated. This is because it has a complex system of rules which you must carefully study before even getting into the game proper.

The basic mechanics of this game revolve around a points system, where players accumulate ‘spin’ for every successful bet they make. A successful bet earns the player one point, and a ‘wild’ bet earns them two points. A winning combination wins the game, and the player earns triple points for it. Winning takes a bit of strategy, since the game uses the number of symbol stacks present on the playfield as a factor in the scoring system.

The majority of the slot machines in casinos are based on a points system, which means that wining requires more than simply hitting a ‘lottery’ or calling a ‘swing’ on a machine – strategies must be used to ensure that a winnable slot is chosen. Winning in Mystic Staxx requires a little bit of knowledge of how to play, since it is not like most other slots which can be easily manipulated. It is essentially a game of chance, where careful consideration of symbols and their location on the playfield are vital before choosing the right move. It can also be a very enjoyable and addicting game, since the graphics and sounds allow you to have a near-perceptible feeling of actually ‘winning’ in the game. While this may sound too good to be true, it’s not, and anyone can learn how to play in this fully automated slot machine.