The legend of shangri-la


The legend of Shangri-La is a popular myth. It is the fictionalized account of a tibetan paradise. James Hilton first introduced the concept in his 1933 novel Lost Horizon. In the novel, people aged slowly and lived long after the average human lifespan. The legend has since spread far and wide. Whether true or not, the story has a strong emotional connection to readers. The legend was adapted into various movies, television series, and games.

The setting of this game is a utopian world in which human beings could live in perfect harmony with nature and other creatures. Shangri-La is said to be in Tibet, where the world was peaceful. It was also said to be the home of immortal beings. In this slot machine by NetEnt, the myth is played up with its fluffy critters. While this is an ideal setting for a fantasy world, the game also features plenty of classic casino slots, including Lucky Irish and Double Diamond.

NetEnt is known for producing games with high-quality graphics, and the Legend of Shangri-La is no exception. The game is set in an idyllic environment, and its peaceful background is framed by waterfalls and Oriental trees. The game features Chinese-style music that complements the Asian-themed symbols. A few bonus features are available, and the bonus features are very exciting. A fun and relaxing experience awaits you at the game’s end!