What the fox megaways


The best way to win big at what the fox what the fox megaways. You must have learnt about the bonus wheels that are used to create the winning combinations. These are placed in strategic positions and you must select the right robot to play with. The trick in this game is to know which of the two bots will land the Megabot which has a high chance of hitting its targeted location. The Megabot with the most combinations on the wheel is always the winner.

The strategy behind what the fox allows you to do against it is fairly simple but you must know how to apply it. First, select your robot carefully based upon the odds and also because of the bonuses and the jackpots on offer. The free spinning feature of this casino game is obviously the most important factor that will help you land the winning big hits thanks to the multipliers on the second feature. Trigger the second feature by luring three drops anywhere on the reels with a single spinning Megabot.

This will cause the second robot to land and if you land on three more spins you will add up to the total number of Megabots that rolled the wheels. This is your chance to place a MegaBots token on any of the reels. Now remember, the game comes with one side that only contains one reel that has the “normal” sized Megabots. The second side of the casino game has many more varieties that allow you to place your bet on the characters on these reels. If you are playing what the fox megaways with, you will be using the same basic strategy but you will use a different method to place your bet depending on what your choice is.